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Our History

The idea for gas co-ops was picked up from the rural electrification associations organized in the 1950's. The large natural gas companies began installing pipelines around the province but could not serve individual farmers due to the high cost of installation. In 1962 farmers near Priddis organized the first gas co-op to buy gas in bulk and retail it through their own system. A few others followed suit and in 1973 Utility minister Roy Farran set up the rural gas program and, under it, formed Gas Alberta to act as a broker to buy gas for the co-ops in Alberta at bulk rates. Rural Albertans were encouraged to form co-ops, apply for franchise areas and construct natural gas distribution systems. The Alberta Government assisted with capital funding and technical assistance.

Today 75% of the province's rural areas are served by gas co-ops. The fifty three Co-ops, five County systems, seventeen Town owned systems and seven First Nations  collectively are members of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops. The Federation promotes uniform policies, customer service, staff qualifications and safety practices among all of it's members. In 1998 the Federation members purchased Gas Alberta and became shareholders in the corporation that is responsible for bulk gas purchasing.

Sunshine Gas Co-op is a member owned natural gas utility serving 1940 members in a franchise area of approx.: 67 Townships. We have an office located in Blackie with a staff consisting of a Manager, (4) Office and (4) Service Personnel. We operate our system from the point of transfer from the TransCanada and Atco pipelines distribution lines, including plowing all of our new services, installing meter sets, maintenance of the distribution system and leak detection.

All Sunshine policy is created through the Board of Directors, elected by the membership at an annual meeting. Each member of the co-op is entitled to vote and may seek nomination for the Board of Directors.

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